About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to be everyone's trusted personal luxury shopping assistant. We pride ourselves on delivering only authentic luxury items directly to your door. With Bagzilla, you can cast aside concerns about product authenticity, availability, and pricing. We're here to ensure that genuine luxury is both accessible and affordable, without the hassles of traditional shopping.

Story behind Bagzilla

Living in the US offers a unique blend of opportunities and challenges. Over our six-year journey here, we've been consistently approached by friends and family with requests to bring back an eclectic mix of products—from handbags and wallets to belts and more. It didn't take us long to recognize a recurring theme: these luxury products command a premium price in India, prompting many to seek alternatives through acquaintances visiting or residing in the US.

This widespread demand illuminated the concept behind Bagzilla: why not extend this informal service beyond just our inner circle and cater to the broader market longing for luxury goods from the US? With a plethora of luxury brands available, we believe everyone deserves the chance to enjoy them without the hefty price tag. At Bagzilla, we're not just offering products; we're bridging gaps and making luxury accessible and affordable.

Our Values

At Bagzilla, our essence is rooted in core principles that guide every facet of our journey with you. Here are our five fundamental values:

  1. Authenticity: Our commitment to genuine luxury products is unwavering. Every item's authenticity is paramount.
  2. Accessibility & Affordability: We believe in making luxury brands accessible to everyone, ensuring unparalleled value and affordability in the process.
  3. Trust & Integrity: Originating from serving our close circle, trust is the cornerstone of Bagzilla. We operate with transparency and honesty in every transaction.
  4. Convenience: From selection to doorstep delivery, we prioritize making the luxury shopping experience seamless for our customers.
  5. Customer-Centricity: We treat every customer with a personal touch, always striving to exceed their expectations and meet their desires.